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  • 24/7 technical support
    Our cars are fully checked and repaired for your security by an experienced and fully-equipped workshop exclusively for our cars. Our business pioneers in the rental business by offering you technical support the entire 24h with immediate replacement and no extra charges for any technical assistance you need.
  • Payments
    Our site features a high tech online booking car ssl encryption . During booking, secure encryption will appear in your browser's bar. You can also pay at our store with cash or card.
  • Reservation & Rent
    Booking is electronically or by phone . When making a reservation, you must list all the prerequisites that will be requested to you. Upon completion of booking, the responsible department will contact you to validate it. Upon completion of the reservation, you will be given the appropriate details for this rental
  • Comfort & Luxury
    The evolution and vanguard are the ones that have brought us to the top spot. We are the only company in Ikaria that has online booking system and information for faster and safer service. We also provide you with unique amenities in our cars with unique gadget and services . Like a very friendly and pleasant environment in our queues.
  • Security & Insurance
    Basic car insurance is third-party , and upgrading each car's insurance should be selected from options in the booking form or otherwise contact reservation section for a package that suits your needs.
  • Free wifi
    Our company offers its customers free wifi in the waiting areas as well as in the whole area of ​​Evdilos to have a fast and safe internet browsing. It is an ideal solution for those staying in their yachts within the marina.
  • No hidden charges
    The rates we offer are final extras with no hidden charges at the end of the rental.
  • Wifi OTG
    If your internet is necessary even during your trip there is a solution. Now you can have wifi everywhere with our new service "Mav WIFI OTG" with download up to 150Mbps.
  • Navigation
    Do not have a smartphone? Have you finished the mb? Do you have a cell phone locked? Do you want credibility on the maps? There is a solution with "Mav NAVI".
  • Gadgets
    If technology accompanies you everywhere we take care to enjoy it to the fullest. We provide mobile phone bases, car chargers, store charge stations, panic button on our vehicles, navi, aux cables, bluetooth, wifi and usb with your favorite music.
Useful information
Here you will find all the gas stations, hospitals, pharmacies, police, port authorities, fire brigades, ports, ATMs and the airport. As well as the festivals of our island according to dates.